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Type: Professional Titles

Dog Trainer

Anyone who trains dogs for a living. Some dog trainers work primarily with behavior modification, others specialise in sports or teaching basic obedience for pets and their owners.

“Dog Trainer” is not a protected title, and no formal training or certification is needed to call oneself a dog trainer.  However, there are many organizations that do provide professional education for dog trainers and opportunities to earn qualifications and certifications.



The best dog in the world.

Edie is the best dog in the world.  This is an undisputed fact because you are reading it on the Internet.

Veterinary Behaviorist

A veterinarian who has a special expertise in behavior.  Veterinary behaviorists hold a doctorate in veterinary medicine, and have also passed the exams set by their country’s Board of Veterinary Behavior to assess their knowledge of behavior modification techniques and medications.

Veterinary behaviorists can prescribe medications and create plans for behavioral modification at the same time.