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Type: Nutrition

BARF diet

BARF stands for Bones and Raw Foods. A kind of raw diet containing bones, meat, and some fruits and vegetables.  It is different from prey model raw, which is made up only of meats and bones.

Free Feeding

The practice of leaving food out for a dog to eat whenever he chooses. Can be either a set amount of food in the morning that is not replenished throughout the day, or a constant amount of food that is not measured.

Grain Free

A diet for dogs that does not contain grain.  What this precisely entails can vary.  The term “grain free” can refer to diets that contain no wheat-based products, or they can also refer to diets that do not contain plant-based carbohydrates of any sorts, such as soy, rice, or corn, as well as wheat.

Prey Model Raw

A type of raw diet for dogs made up of bones, meat and organs, based on theories of what wolves would eat in the wild.

Raw Feeding

A type of diet for dogs based on uncooked foods, primarily raw meats, usually without the addition of grain or soy.  There are different models of what the ideal diet ought to look like; some diets include fruits and vegetables whereas others are exclusively based on animal protein.