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Type: Genetics and Breeding

Backyard Breeder

A hobbyist who breeds and sells dogs that are not registered by their country’s Kennel Club, often without regard for the proper health testing. The dogs can be purebred but unregistered, or they can be mixes.

Backyard breeders (BYBs) are usually distinguishable from puppy mills by their size and their profits – puppy mills are usually the sole source of income for an individual, much larger than a backyard breeding operation, with dogs kept outside with little human contact. Backyard breeder dogs can be pets, and bred as a hobby, not primarily for money.


Breed Specific Legislation.  Some countries and states have placed bans or import restrictions on particular breeds of dogs, usually because those breeds have become associated with excessive aggression.  The most common target of BSL is the pitbull, although other mastiff types like the Fila Brasiliero and Dogo Argentino  have also been covered.

Bully Breeds

A generic term for some Molosser type dogs, with stocky, muscular bodies, short muzzles and large heads with powerful jaws.  Examples include:
  • Boston terrier
  • Bulldogs (French, English and American)
  • Bull terriers (English, Staffordshire and American Staffordshire)
  • Pitbull
  • Boxer
  • Bullmastiff
Bully breeds are known for their hardiness and rambunctious play style.

Designer Dog

Any dog that has been deliberately created from purebred dogs, at the parental level, grandparental level, or higher.  Designer dogs are often given names that reflect their mix.  For example, a cross between a chihuahua and a pug is widely referred to as a “chug”.  A chug can be the outcome of a chihuahua-pug cross, or of the mating of two chugs, or of two dogs who each have two chug parents.


A type of designer dog.  Any dog that has had a poodle deliberately included in their lineage is commonly referred to as a doodle.  Poodles are a popular dog to use for designer mixes because it is believed that they create “non-shedding” dogs, although this is not guaranteed.
The best-known example of a doodle, the Labradoodle, is the result of the deliberate crossing of a Labrador retriever and a Standard poodle, with the aim of creating a guide dog that did not shed.

Naturally Reared

NR – Naturally Reared or sometimes Naturally Raised, means that a dog or puppy is not being given the usual kinds of preventive medical interventions.  Breeders and owners who believe in Natural Rearing do not vaccinate their puppies or adult dogs, and may only use nutraceutical, plant-based and/or homeopathic preparations to treat any illnesses or infestations.

Advocates of Natural Rearing sometimes use the term “Poison Reared” – PR – to distinguish themselves from those breeders who choose to follow the recommendations of the veterinary profession.