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Yard Dog

A dog that is kept outside in its daily life, rather than in a house with people.  Yard dogs are often used to protect a property, and can develop problems with territorial aggression and reactivity if they do not receive adequate human contact, enrichment and socialization.

Yellow Dog Project

An international organization that aims to raise awareness of the yellow ribbon as a signifier that a dog needs extra space when out in public.
The phrase “yellow dog” also refer to a dog that needs space, whether because they are in training, working as a service dog, recovering from surgery or suffering from behavioral problems.

Yin, Dr Sophia

A veterinary behaviorist, inventor, and author who made many significant contributions to *behavior modification. She developed a set of protocols for vets called “Low Stress Handling”, designed to safely manage dogs and cats at the vet’s office whilst causing the minimum possible anxiety. She published several books and DVDs on dog training and puppy raising, and invented the Treat n Train. Dr Yin died in 2014, aged just 42.