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Weight Pulling

A sport for dogs, which involves competing to see which dog can pull the most weight over a sixteen foot course.

Whale Eye

When a dog is experiencing anxiety, his eyes become rounded and widened, so that the whites can be seen on one side. This makes them vaguely resemble the eyes of whales.


(1) A high pitched whistle, used as a recall cue for dogs that might be a long way from their owners, because it is easier to hear than a human voice

(2) A small device, worn on the dog’s collar, that monitors his levels of activity.

White Noise

A class of sound frequencies that are perceived by the human ear as hissing.

This type of noise can be used to partially screen out other sounds in the environment, for example the sounds of passing cars.

This can be useful for the owners of dogs who become anxious or reactive when they hear certain sounds.

Working Dog

A working dog is not a pet; they are trained to perform tasks that assist humans.  Examples include herding, military service and police dogs.

The term “working dog” can also refer to a dog that comes from a working breed, but has had no training and is living as a pet. ¬†Not all professional working dogs come from working breeds, and not all working breed dogs are suitable for professional work.